Higher Taxon Solanaceae
Genus Solanum L.
Species Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Goldwin
[Pedigree History ]
Glenna x 8204A4
Breeder Agent Agrolon
Lightsprout: sizesmall
Lightsprout: number of root tipsmedium
Lightsprout: length of lateral shootsshort
Lightsprout: shapespherical
Lightsprout: intensity of anthocyanin colouration of baseweak
Lightsprout: pubescence of baseabsent or very weak
Lightsprout: size of tip in relation to basevery small
Lightsprout: habit of tipclosed
Lightsprout: anthocyanin colouration of tipabsent or very weak
Lightsprout: pubescence of tipabsent or very weak
plant at flower bud stage
Plant: foliage structureleaf type
Plant: growth habitsemi-upright
Leaf: outline sizemedium
Leaf: opennessopen
Leaf: presence of secondary leafletsmedium
Leaf: green colourlight
Leaf: anthocyanin colouration on midrib of upper sideabsent or very weak
Second pair of lateral leaflets: width in relation to lengthmedium
Terminal and lateral leaflets: frequency of coalescencevery low to low
Leaflet: waviness of marginstrong
Leaflet: depth of veinsshallow
Flower bud: anthocyanin colourationabsent or very weak
Plant: heightmedium
Plant: frequency of flowersmedium
Inflorescence: sizemedium
Inflorescence: anthocyanin colouration on peduncleabsent or very weak
Flower corolla: sizemedium
Flower corolla: intensity of colouration on inner sideabsent or very weak
Flower corolla: pigment on rear (White Flowers)absent
plant at haulm senescence
Plant: time of maturitylate
tuber after harvest
Tuber: shapeshort oval
Tuber: depth of eyesshallow to medium
Tuber: colour of skinlight beige
Tuber: colour of base of eyeswhite
Tuber: colour of fleshwhite
Tuber: anthocyanin colouration of skin in reaction to lightabsent
Breeder's AgentAgrolon
Plant Breeders Rights (expire)2034
Variety information last modified on 5th of March, 2013