Lady Christl

Higher Taxon Solanaceae
Genus Solanum L.
Species Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Lady Christl
Breeder C.Meijer bv
Breeder Agent Meijer Seed Potatoes Ltd


Lady Christl (sprout)
Lady Christl (leaf)
Lady Christl (foliage)
plant at flower bud stage
Plant: growth habitsemi-upright
Stem: anthocyanin colourationweak
Leaf: outline sizemedium
Leaf: opennessclosed to intermediate
Leaf: presence of secondary leafletsweak
Leaf: anthocyanin colouration on midrib of upper sidevery weak to weak
Second pair of lateral leaflets: width in relation to lengthmedium
Terminal and lateral leaflets: frequency of coalescenceabsent or very low
Leaflet: depth of veinsmedium
Plant: frequency of flowersabsent or very low
plant at haulm senescence
Plant: time of maturityvery early
tuber after harvest
Tuber: colour of skinyellow
BreederMeijer Research BV
Breeder's AgentPotato Innovations Limited
Plant Breeders Rights (expire)2026
Variety information last modified on 7th of February, 2017