Higher Taxon Solanaceae
Genus Solanum L.
Species Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Zorza
Breeder Zamarte
Breeder Agent
Data sourcePOL IPR BON
Plant material maintained asIn-vitro
Plant health directive EC77/93, requirementsPart tested
Country of originPOLAND
Sample statusAdvanced cultivar
plant characteristics
MaturityEarly to intermediate
Foliage coverDense
tuber characteristics
Tuber shapeRound
Tuber eye depthMedium
Tuber skin textureRough
tubering characteristics
Tuber sizeMedium to large
Secondary growthLow
Resistance to external damageSusceptible to moderate
Dormancy periodMedium to long
utilisation characteristics
Cooking type / 411 Cooked textureFairly firm (multi-purpose type)
After cooking blackeningTrace to little
Starch contentMedium
resistance to fungal diseases
Resistance to late blight on tubersMedium
Resistance to late blight on foliageMedium to high
Wart (Synchytrium endobioticum)Field immune
resistance to bacterial diseases
Resistance to common scab (Streptomyces scabies)Medium
resistance to virus diseases
Resistance to potato virus MMedium
Resistance to potato virus SMedium to high
Resistance to potato virus Y (strain not specified)Very high
Resistance to potato leaf roll virusMedium
Variety information last modified on 5th of January, 2012